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tribunician veto sounds off
Seventeenth chapter of my second Harry Potter fanfic.

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So I go away for like 5 minutes, and the mods put the SS/HG Exchange reveal up, and then suddenly I have a new friend on LJ, and then...SQUEE!

It turns out that the exquisitely funny 'Whom the Gods Annoy' was given to me by the famous dickgloucester, who is a marvellous writer, quite without peer, and my new friend. :-) If you're reading this, thankyouthankyouthankyou again for the wonderful gift, and clearly we must chat sometime about Richard III. I will now proceed to read ALL of your stories in all of the archives I can find.

Tremendous thanks also to msavi for the gorgeous 'No White Flag.' A perfect, moving one-shot that made me smile a bit tearfully at the end. It wasn't my prompt, but that's one of the great joys of pinch-hitting: another beautiful gift to savour!

Some of you (such as angel_mischa, you sly creature) may have suspected that I was the author of sc010f's gift 'Tyranny (of the Majority)'. I wanted sc010f's prompt like a kid wants candy, so I was super-pleased to receive it. I wrote most of it in the run-up to the British general election in May, so there's a fair amount of... ambivalence, shall we say, about the role of government and the whole democratic process. I can see voting'n'stuff as something Hermione would be really passionate about, but then she also knows that individuals and groups can be really poor decision-makers.

I don't want to get too political—it can be such a buzzkill—but I did want to highlight, in this day of the democracy-fetish, that democracy is a means, not an end in itself, and should be seen in that context, rather than in a 'oh, well, we can vote now, so all of our problems are solved' kind of way.

I also did the art 'Writer's Block' for neelix_2000 as a pinch-hit. At first I wanted to do one of her story prompts (put Snape and Hermione in classic novel!), but then I looked at the photo I used, and it was too good to pass up! Her letter-writing prompt was, in a word, awesome.

neelix_2000, if you're reading this: I actually designed the art to be printed with metallic spot-colours, so... if you want a hard copy, PM me with your address and I'll post it to you! As long as you don't mind having what is, at its base, a picture of my husband. ;-)

Unfortunately, work got hella busy round about June, and my dedicated reviewing dropped off around then. But, like shiv5468, I intend to finish reading and reviewing them all. Especially given some of the glowing recs flying around LJ at the moment!

Finally, a GIANT thank-you and 10,000 hugs to the Exchange mods: shiv5468, ginny_weasley31, and scatteredlogic, you ladies are amazing. I don't know how you found the time, the energy, and the dedicated to sort, match, mod, and manage one hundred and fifty-six submissions. You give all of us participants an extraordinary gift every time you hold the exchange, and for me, the Exchange is one of the best things of all about being involved in fanfic. Thank you.


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It seems that whoever wrote my exchange gift has achieved a hit—a palpable hit!

pokeystar has put together a soundtrack to go with the fic, and it is AWESOME.

I highly recommend that you make this a top playlist! I know I am. :-)

Also—Mystery Author, if you're reading this: you kick ass. Just sayin'.


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The brain-lover and I were sitting in our local pub this evening...Collapse )

But then I did an IMDb search, and not only is Adrien Brody American, he was never even in EastEnders!

So... WTF?


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Catching up on the SS/HG Exchange at the mo. So much good stuff! My week was ri-donk-ulously busy, so I'm about 10 stories behind, but I'm loving them all so far.

I particularly enjoyed the gift for Droxy - essays about Snape are awesome. Read it here.

And if you like the academic approach as much as I do, then go look at drinkingcocoa's LJ, for she too writes Snapely essays second to none.


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If you haven't already, you must go and read the masterpiece created by the Mystery Author who got my prompts in the SS/HG Gift Exchange.

Best. Present. Ever.


Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm off to read it again...

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SS/HG Exchange fic is done! Effing yay. I've learned, though, that regardless of length, prompt, and personal time available, it takes me two weeks beyond the original deadline to get these fics done. Still, they get done, and I'm quite happy with this one.

Also, tomorrow is the UK general election! We have commitments after work, so the brain-lover will be casting his ballot early tomorrow morning. I hope they will let me in the polling station with him so's I can get the full experience. Apart from the voting, obviously. He's still undecided, which I didn't believe possible. 'Ha!' I am known to say, 'there is no such thing as an undecided voter.'

And yet. The BL is undecided because he loathes all of the main parties and has not yet figured out how to vote tactically to best advantage. Our constituency is a Lib/Lab marginal - at least, according to the 10,000 Lib Dem leaflets we've received. (NB: the single Labour leaflet we got asserted confidently that the UK electoral system means the Lib Dems will never be able to form a government. Um, way to remind us that the electoral system is a bit, y'know, anti-democratic.) But it's pretty hard even to vote tactically when there is no result that will make one remotely happy.

Our single, perfunctory Conservative leaflet was quick to reassure us that the Tories *can* win here, because they came second in the 2008 London mayoral election in this constituency. Erm, okay. Keep dreaming there, dudes.

I'm tempted to advise the BL to vote Lib Dem, because they clearly give more of a shit here than the other two. On the other hand, I hate the Lib Dems. They would, on the one hand, give an amnesty to illegal immigrants, and on the other hand, deny legal immigrants free movement within the country. I'm not one of these people who hates the idea of an amnesty, but I think it's pretty screwed up to penalise your legal immigrants. I am one, obviously, and I would be sincerely fucked off to receive a letter from a Lib Dem government ordering me to pack up and move to, say, Scunthorpe, because there are vacant teaching jobs there.

Anyway. Enough about that. If the election were purely about immigration, Labour would be the way to go, but the BL would chop off his own face first, frankly.

Party here Friday morning, though, whatever the result! Because it's sure to be something interesting, and not having a vote, I am not required to suffer any democratic angst. ;-)

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Thank goodness today's weather has been lousy. I've been working on my exchange fic since ten o'clock this morning, which would have been difficult in the face of drink-Pimms-in-the-park temptation.

I took a brief break to watch Dr Who. Amy Pond is my new hero. Also, I thought David Tennant was hot, but Matt Smith is way tastier. Mmm.


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For people who don't want to read about others' health problems, I've put mine under the cut. For the curious and the advice-givers, read on.

So I had this cramp...Collapse )


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In his incarnation of Leader of the UK Libertarian Party, the Brain-Lover gave a speech a couple of months ago at the Oxford Libertarian Society, a video of which they have posted on their blog.

I moseyed over to check out the video, as one does, and - check out the sole comment below it!

I laughed and laughed. I have made fantasy reality. I have found my very own Snape.


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It's been a while since I posted on LJ because I was doing that awful job and then quitting that awful job.

Then my brother-in-law, who works at the same company as the Brain-Lover, quit his job, and the company decided to offer it to me, on the condition that I could do the working-with-people side with as much confidence as the writing side.

The working-with-people side is FUNNY...Collapse )

The good news is, I'll be seeing much more of my husband, who works all the hours God sends. The bad news is, I'll be spending much less time writing for pleasure. So this weekend - and next, which is long on accounta Easter - I'll be marathoning my exchange fic. I'm determined not to ask for an extension this year, as part of my new business keenness to practise meeting deadlines. Because Lord knows the Big Cheese won't be putting up with that shit, and as everyone knows, it's always good to please the Big Cheese.


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After pounding out over 8,000 words of my SS/HG Exchange fic during the half term holidays, I've now hit the wall.

This terrible job, which I mentioned before, takes up ridiculous amounts of my time. I'm up at 5am every day and usually not home until after 6 pm - and those are the good days.

Yesterday I didn't get home until half eight, and tonight until half nine.

13-to-16-hour days aren't really conducive to the muse. In fact, the muse has gone into hibernation, flipping me the bird from beneath the blankets of my soul.

Fortunately, when I realised a couple of weeks ago how miserable this bloody job would be, I gave notice. My last day is next Thursday, thank the Lord Almighty. Don't have another job lined up yet, but the bank account is nicely fattened by this month's paycheck, so we should be okay for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I'm casting round for inspiration. Anybody got any suggestions to get the writing U-bend unblocked?


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Anybody else having trouble logging in to TPP, or is it just me and my compy?


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The Guardian has 'em, from successful authors.

Some of them are really good advice; some are just weird (Margaret Atwood: 'Take two pencils on the airplane with you.' 'Cause yeah, most of us are jet-setting round so much we need a plan for carrying on writing in transit.)

Part One Here

Part Two Here


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So. After a good long while of pondering my prompts and talking through various ideas with the BL, I sat down to jot a few ideas...

...and a day later, I've got an excellent 3000 words of my exchange fic written. Somehow, my creative lobe got hold of creativity-crack and went hog wild all over my compy.

The BL glanced at the art prompts and expressed a desire to do one. I was all for it, but I know it will not get done. He's a temperamental artiste, is the BL, and just now he's discovered the joys of making a to-do list and then following it in orderly fashion. Snapely art is simply not on the current to-do list.

Which is a shame, because the BL is an absolute wizard when it comes to Photoshop and recently has done a set of the Major Arcana, my favourite of which (16: The Tower) can be found here on his DeviantArt page.

Anyway. 3000 words and I'm only two scenes in; this looks like becoming a long one. Hope there's no strictly-enforced maximum word limit...

Also, is there anybody on my flist who might be interested in beta-ing? I'd be happy to reciprocate if desired.


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